“A Better Place”

By Br. John Paul Sontillano, OP

September 30, 2018

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mk. 9:38-43, 45, 47-48

Today’s children are born in a world at war where the blood of the poor and the marginalized is shed. The battle continues. And gun is pointed at the wrong head.

In the reading from Mark, the Lord is seen breaking boundaries and dispelling darkness. Jesus recognizes even that man from outside the circle, who drives demons away in His name, as His follower. Indeed, everything good is Christian. The real warfare must be waged against Satan and every people of good will should stand as one.

For it is the aim of the enemy to drag humanity into damnation. And so the devil comes closer than we think, tempting us to hinder our neighbor from pursuing the path to conversion. But our Savior counsels us to purge ourselves of our sins if we wish to escape the unimaginable horrors of hell. Because there is life eternal. Heavenly rewards await those who arm themselves with gospel truths and fight well for God.

We pray, therefore, that God the Father may forgive us for the many times we failed to appreciate the good in people. May God the Son help us to rise above our differences and build a better place. May God the Holy Spirit sustain us with unending grace. Amen.

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