You are Selfish and Insensitive!

By Mark Philip Goroza

October 28, 2018

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mk 10: 46-52

“You are selfish and insensitive!”

These were the words my facilitator in the Clinical Pastoral Exposure told me when I shared with her that I could not relate to the sufferings of the sick people in the hospital I was assigned.

In today’s Gospel, we can see that the people flocking around Jesus Christ are also selfish and insensitive. They are only thinking about their own selfish motives and cannot relate to the suffering that the blind man is experiencing. They do not know how desperate Bartimaeus is to be cured of his blindness because they have not yet experienced to be blind themselves. But, what if they have already experienced to be blind, like Bartimaeus? Would they still be selfish and insensitive towards him? I do not think so. This is a sad reality. Sometimes, for us, in order to feel sympathy towards others we, must first experience ourselves what they are experiencing.

Then, it is only when we have the same suffering with those people that we come to feel and understand them. But it should not be the case. In this era wherein selfishness and insensitivity seem to be the common reaction of people towards others, we, as Christians ought to be like Jesus who is always loving and compassionate towards those who suffer. With Jesus’ love and compassion to Bartimaeus, He was able to see his suffering and was able to cure him. Jesus’ action should be our example. We ought also to be loving and compassionate so that we can see and help those suffering people around us.

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